During his interview with channel 10, a local television channel in Tanzania, a program called "Msema Kweli." The Dar es salaam regional commissioner, Paul Makonda has under scored the role of private real estate players in averting land conflicts in the commercial capital. He stressed those collaborative efforts involving real estate firms such as Property International Ltd (PIL), community and government were fundamental in the resolution of land disputes.

RC Makonda commended Property International Ltd for surveying several residential and commercial plots in kigamboni and saying this has helped to reduce and resolved land disputes in the areas, whereby previously government could not resolve single handeldly. One of the consequences of long unresolved disputes was non-collection of property tax - a helpful source of government revenue. With Property International Ltd, there is better collaboration with government and community hence less disputes and more tax is collected. Mr. Makonda also praised the Minister for Lands, Housing and Human settlements Development, Mr Lukuvi for his diligence in addressing land disputes in various parts of Tanzania.

Also Makonda addressed that Property International have secured 240 plots for commercial use such as industries. These plots have already been surveyed and prepared to serve the industrial purpose. He is very pleased with the pro-activeness of this real estate company and he is supporting such initiative by requesting involved parties to locate gas pipes to the areas to support industrialization.