Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How can I get plot(s) from PIL?

Choose a project (Example Bokotimiza located at Kibaha, Kimbiji located at Kigamboni etc.), Choose size of square meter you need, Type of plot (Business, residential etc.) Choose plot number. All of these you will look into our maps. You will come at the office to fill the form that costs 10,000/=. And you will get prepared for site visit for the purpose of physical view of your plot that you choose from the maps. After you are satisfied with your plot, payment process begins.

What are the processes if I need a plot on loan?

If you don’t have an account in the patner Banks, You have to open Accounts. Then. AMANA BANK: You will have to deposit 20% of your plot price, and the bank will complete the remaining 80%. Later on you will start return the amount of the plot price, For the profit of twenty one percent(21%) Example: A plot of 400 squaremeter, for the price of 7000/= per squaremeter is Equal to 2,800,000/=. Therefore its 20% is 560,000/= PBZ BANK: You will have to deposit 21% of your plot price.Then PBZ bank will complete the remaining amount. And you will start do a return within 3 years. POSTAL BANK(PSPF): You will have to open an account and deposit 10% of the price of your plot you want to purchase. After that, Postal bank will provide a form for you to fill so as they can be able to pay for you a remaining 90% Returns valid within 36 months (3 years).

What are the processes if I want to pay on cash?

All cash payments should be done at Property International Limited(PIL). Or by account numbers of these banks AMANABANK, TPB,PBZ NA CRDB. The Maximum Installment Time are 3 month.

What do you mean by "square meter"?

SQUARE METER is one meter width and one meter height.Lets say the width and height of your door at home is two square-meters, which means 1m by 2m .A plot of 400 square-meter. Is the same as 20 meter width and 20 meter height.

Can I purchase a plot if I live outside Tanzania?

Yes if you are Tanzanian citizen, We will send you the documents and complete all required processes.

Office Zenu Zipo wapi?

Makutano ya Lindi na ShauriMoyo Ilala, Jengo la Mariam Tower, Zilipo office za TRA. Ghorofa ya Nane(8)